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Interview with Vince Gilligan

The X-Files Lexicon speaks to Vince Gilligan about Better Call Saul, The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen and Breaking Bad.

Interview with Chris Carter

The X-Files Lexicon’s exclusive interview with Chris Carter on “The After”.

Review of "The X-Files: Volume Two" box set
Alexander Grodzinski's in depth review for the new release.

Interview with Sarah Stegall

We speak to the author Sarah Stegall.

Interview with Jeff Charbonneau

In our latest interview speak to the X-Files' music editor Jeff Charbonneau.

Interview with William B. Davis

The X-Files Lexicon speak to the Cigarette-Smoking Man himself about his new autobiography.

Older articles

05/25/2012: Interview with Alex Gansa
The X-Files Lexicon speak to Alex Gansa about his work on the X-Files, 24, Homeland and more.

11/17/2011: Interview with Glen Morgan
We speak to Glen Morgan about his time on The X-Files and Millennium, his influences and creative process.

08/28/2011: Interview with Mark Snow
Mark Snow discusses the new CD box set "The X-Files: Volume One" and more.

07/04/2011: Interview with Amy Donaldson
We speak to the author of the new book We Want To Believe: Faith and Gospel in The X-Files

06/05/2011: Report from the LAX-Files event
Mitch Pileggi, Darin and Glen Morgan, James Wong, Jeff Gulka and author Erica Fraga.

02/13/2011: Interview with Erica Fraga
We speak to the author of LAX-Files: Behind the Scenes with the Los Angeles Cast and Crew

01/31/2011: Interview with Howard Gordon
Howard Gordon talks about his first novel, an espionage thriller titled Gideon's War

10/20/2010: Report from Vancouver TV forum
Vince Gilligan was a guest speaker at the Vancouver Film and TV forum. Angie C reports.

08/20/2010: Interview with Gabe Rotter
The X-Files Lexicon speak to Gabe Rotter about his new book The Human Bobby.

03/08/2010: Interview with Robert Shearman
The X-Files Lexicon speaks to the author of "Wanting To Believe: a critical guide to The X-Files, Millennium & The Lone Gunmen"

11/22/2009: Believe Again: X-Files charity event
Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and Rob Bowman answered fan questions at the event in Los Angeles. Raskolnikov reports.

11/12/2009: X-Con 2009
Red Scully reports on X-Con 2009, the X-Files convention held in Berlin.

10/01/2009: Interview with Jana Fain
Jana Fain looks back on her time at 1013 and Big Light Productions.

03/11/2009: Interview with R.W. Goodwin
We speak to Bob Goodwin on his new movie Alien Trespass and his time on The X-Files

02/15/2009: Unpublished Quotes from Kim Manners
In tribute to Kim Manners - January 13, 1951—January 25, 2009

11/07/2008: Interview with Matt Hurwitz
The X-Files Lexicon speak to the co-author of "The Complete X-Files: Behind The Series, The Myths and the Movies."

10/14/2008: Pemberton Set Report
A long time X-Files fan, Angie C, wrote about her experiences with finding and visiting The X-Files location shooting in Pemberton, Canada.

04/02/2008: Paley Festival Interviews
Reporter Lisa Angelo chats with Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea.

02/26/2008: Interview with John S. Bartley
The name, John S. Bartley, may not be immediately familiar to X-Files fans, yet he played a pivotal role in the visual look of the series over the first four seasons.

02/23/2008: Wondercon 2008
Matt Allair shares his experiences attending the X-Files Wondercon panel event.

02/10/2008: Interview with Howard Gordon
For many fans of the early seasons, Howard Gordon played an important role. Along with his writing partner, Alex Gansa, Mr. Gordon helped to create a unique narrative palate within the X-Files universe.

01/09/2008: Brief Q&A with Chris Carter
X-Files creator Chris Carter answers fan-submitted questions about the second X-Files movie.

11/28/2006: Interview with Doug Hutchison
An interview with the actor behind one of the most memorable villains on The X-Files: Eugene Victor Tooms.

07/19/2005: Interview with Frank Spotnitz
X-Files writer and producer Frank Spotnitz discusses his upcoming projects and his process as a writer.