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Trivia Contest Giveaway is now closed

The X-Files: Volume 2 CD box set Giveaway The X-Files Lexicon has a new trivia contest giveaway, and the prize is a copy of the new release from La La Land Records, The Mark Snow, The X-Files: Volume 2 CD box set!

To enter, just answer the following batch of questions related to Mark Snow’s work on the X-Files, and his career. Then e-mail your name, e-mail address, and location to us.

Those with the highest percentage of correct answers will be placed in a random drawing.

One lucky person will be selected from that random drawing! Here are the questions and the best of luck!

Questions by Alexander Grodzinski and Matt Allair.: We must thank La La Land Records and Producer Mike Joffe for their generous contribution.

1.    The whistling sound that is heard in The X-Files Opening Theme: Is it actually Mark Snow whistling or a sample?

2.    In which X-Files episode did Mark Snow incorporate a piece of Tchaikovsky’s “1812” Overture into his score?

3.    What are the actual words sung in “Scully’s Theme” for season eight?

4.    In the season seven episode, “Closure”, there is another piece of music that sounds like Mark Snow, and it’s used for the main theme for the episode. What is the name of this cur of music and who is the artist?

5.    What is the name of the instrument that Mark Snow uses as his main tool at his home studio since the mid eighties?

6.    What is Mark Snow’s real name?

7.    In which X-Files-episode did Mark use The X-Files theme in a rather parosidic way? (Hint: it’s in season three)

8.    Which other TV composer helped teach Mark Snow how to use the keyboard he mainly uses? (Hint: this composer helped with the orchestrations for the score for the first X-Files feature – Fight The Future. 2nd hint: This composer also works with another X-Files alumni currently.)

9.    Who played the lead guitar on the Lone Gunman TV show theme?

10.    When Chris Carter started to work with Mark Snow in season one, Chris referenced several sources of rock and ambient music for demonstrations and inspirations. One piece of rock music from the eighties cited, featured a very brief synth flute riff at the tail end of this track, and it helped to inspire the idea for Mark’s whistle theme for The X-Files. What is the name of the song and the band?

11.    There was a film in the late sixties that inspired Mark Snow to get into scoring, what was the name of the composer, and the name of the film?


Include your answers, your name, return e-mail address, and what country / city you are from. The winner will be notified via e-mail.

Contest winner: Daniel Cuello from Udine (Italy), congratulations!