Character Dossiers

Character Dossiers

There is a massive amount of side characters that have appeared on the series over nine seasons. So what has been determined is the fact that not every person could be listed. Therefore the format rule is the following: Everything is listed by last name, and then first names. If a person is only identified by one name, that name will appear in proper alphabetical order. If a character is not identified by any name, for instance, if the person is listed in the production credits as "1st Officer" or "Firemen" or "Doctor", they won't be listed here at all. There are always exceptions, but the staff feels this is the best approach. The links in the right-hand menu will take you to separate, in depth pages of significant regular characters.

All descriptions written by Matt Allair, unless otherwise noted.

Painting by Terry

Painting: Terry

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Mulder, Fox
Scully, Dana

Alien Bounty Hunter
Byers, John Fitzgerald
Cigarette Smoking Man
Deep Throat
Frohike, Melvin
Krycek, Alex
Langly, Richard "Ringo"
Mr. X
Skinner, Walter