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Waves of information from NY Comic Con

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There has been a lot of on going developments due to the premiere in France at MIPCOM, and now this weekend's set of panels and the episode one premiere at New York Comic Co. Den of Geek will be doing their own coverage, and while anyone from The X-Files Lexicon could not be present, a staffer was involved with working on an X-Files article that appeared in the exclusive print edition of Den of Geek, the write up already leaked as of 10/09.2015, and can be found here.

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Onto more pressing matters, a lot of things developed at the NY Comic Con, there was a huge panel with Kumail Nanjiani, Chris Carter, David Duchcovny, and Mitch Pileggi, videos are shown below, thanks to the fine folks at FOX publicity.

The Mythology

The Right time

Mulder and Scullly's Relationship

Falling Right Back Into Place


There's also the two minute trailer that recently went on-line

Very few spoilers have surfaced thankfully since NY Comic Con and MIPCOM. Which is the position of this website that that is the way it should be. A good time should be had by many in Jan, and good to have been a dedicated fan.

Two promo X-Files trailers to debut Monday night

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We were asked by FOX publicity to mention the two part promo trailers for The X-Files Season 10 episodes that will debut tomorrow night, Monday, during both Gotham and then Minority Report.

You can tune in to "Gotham" at 8/7 central to view part 1, and the following this, on "Minority Report", you can view part 2 at 9/8 central to view part 2.

The descriptions Monday regular programs are as follows:

On GOTHAM at 8/7c, a deadly escape rocks the city and following his reinstatement, it's up to Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to track the Maniax. Meanwhile, Galavan (James Frain) plans his next move, while Bruce (David Mazouz) enlists the help of his father's old friend to unlock the secrets in his office, and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) attempts to ask out Kristin Kringle (guest star Chelsea Spack).  
Then, on MINORITY REPORT at 9/8c, it's a match made in....the future. Dash (Stark Sands) and Vega (Meagan Good) team up again to find a killer who is currently down on love. Meanwhile, Dash continues to reach out to his siblings for help.  

The Two-Night season premiere of The X-Files is Jan, 24th, 2016, Sunday, 10:00-11:00 PM ET 7:00-8:00 PM PT, and Jan 25th, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT

New interviews and articles...

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We've been remiss again in posting all of the new developments with the main site, therefore here's a review. We've conducted three great interviews, starting with The X-Files sound supervisor Theirry J. Couturier, who also offered up a current photo of his son Nathan, made famous as the child voice of "I Made This!" on the Ten-Thirteen productions logo. We also conducted a brief interview with Mike Joffe, the reissues producer at La La Land Records for The X-Files, Millennium and Lone Gunmen / Harsh Realm releases. And are pleased to have just issued our exclusive interview with actor Jerry Hardin, who played Deep Throat, this interview has been a real honor and accomplishment considering his advancing age.

But we've been no less busy regarding our help with Den of Geek, where an interview with Howard Gordon was conducted, that got a fair amount of attention, and a mention with sites like X-Files News.

XFL has been bringing in new staff, and Brian A. Terrenova has written up a character profile for Deep Throat for the Dossier section.  We also ran two articles about the history of UFO evidence, and the Space Brother phenomenon. We have a slate of new material coming soon, and a lot of great revival material impending. New writers will be announced shortly.

The XFL blog is always active with reviews of The X-Files comics for IDW, and current opinion pieces.

A lot of ground needs to be covered regarding the revival, Aside from all of the new reports and an interview from X-Files News, and updates from Den of Geek. The staff at the Lexicon is proud to announce the first wave of articles for Den of Geek, that are written by a staffer from the Lexicon, an interview with Joe Harris. We will be posting our own summarization of what is known about the X-Files revival soon enough. We have our own exclusive interview that was conducted at the end of March, that should be posting soon enough.

Joe Harris Book Signing Event

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Would you like to meet Joe Harris at a book signing event in the New England area?

The good fellow, Ernie, from Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA, contacted us that Joe Harris, the esteemed writer of The X-Files, Season 10 comics from IDW publishing will be appearing March 14th, from 12 PM noon until 3 PM.

The event is noted on their website:

And you can visit their Facebook page here:

Their address is:
Friendly Neighborhood Comics
191 Mechanic Street
Bellingham, MA 02019

It should be a fun event, and a great way to meet Joe!

Coming Clean...

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The last few years have been a challenge for The X-Files Lexicon, I will freely admit to it, some of the it has been a drop off in interest with the collective fandom, and some have had to do with real life issues that have forced myself, as the webmaster, to only devote a certain amount of focus. Articles have been written in fairness on the main site, but a lot of time was focused on The X-Files Lexicon Blog, and while that had been a good period as far as satisfying certain intellectual needs, while we were trying to re-staff for the main site, I also knew that the promise wasn't really being fulfilled as far as providing an on-going stream of the best content we could muster.

But everything goes in cycles. The advent of IDW's The X-Files Season 10 comic by Joe Harris, had drawn old school fans back, as well as new fans. Prior to the big news of Fox in talks to do a X-Files revival in the future, there had been a Redditt fan interview with Frank Spotnitz, as well as Gillian Anderson's comments on Nerdist that lead to their X-Files2015 hashtag. The stars have felt like they are aligning, while the news about Chris Carter's The After not being continued by Amazon Studios, I have felt that the sheer fact that enough fans voted last year to green light the project, while it's heresay, might have sent a signal to certain powers that the public wanted more.

Which now brings us to this week - Our exclusive Interview with Vince Gilligan was something we were quite proud of, but since Den of Geek has picked up certain aspects of the interview, the firestorm of interest in various media outlets is something that leaves me humble, and something I don't take for granted. The commitment to get back to the work has never been greater.

Having said that I feel I must mention the first wave of great content. Our episode guide review of "The Host" is up, which features comments from highly respected media genre critic John Kenneth Muir. John has become a great friend to this website, and due to his stature, it is an honor to have him contributing here. But there's also Christopher Irish who has been writing for the Lexicon blog as of late, he was great help with the episode guide review.

Last year featured our great interview with the Architect himself Chris Carter, about The After.

In April we ran an in depth history of UFO sightings for the Paranormal Omnibus.

Recently we ran our review of the reissue by la La Land records of the Fight The Future soundtrack.

Last September was our review of the 2nd X-Files Mark Snow CD box set, which featured a brief interview with Mark Snow. We also had a trivia contest thanks to La La Land records where a Vol 2 CD was given away.

Thank you everyone for continuing to visit us.

A Year In Review...

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Once again, we ended up being lax about this update page, but 2014 promises to be a more active year. There were a number articles posted and several significant developments in the news, especially regarding Chris Carter coming back to television in 2013.

Recently we held a trivia contest where the prize was a copy of Mark Snow's The X-Files: Volume 2 CD box set, graciously provided by Mike Joffe from the label, La La Land Records, It was a great contest, and I must thank everyone who submitted. Daniel Cuello was the winner. As a reminder Volume 2 still is available for sale.

Alexander Grodzinski wrote up a great review of the Volume 2 set, and he also conducted a brief interview with Mark Snow about the CD.

A new article for the Paranormal Omnibus, in the UFO section was published about the Brown Mountain Light phenomenon. And season two episode guide reviews were published for Sleepless, Ascension, reviewed by Frank Zero and David Morris, and fan art was added for End Game.

We started the year by the debut of our belated exclusive interview with uber fan Sarah Stegall.

More details came out of two programs that Chris Carter has in development. Most importantly is further developments about "The After", the pilot was filmed, it has completed post and should debut in February 2014 on Amazon Prime online, there's no further news if a full season will be order for this unique venture on-line. Mr. Carter also mentioned having a super-secret project for AMC in development.

In July 2013, at Comic Con in San Diego, a panel of talent from The X-Files made a special appearance, Chris Carter, David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, John Shiban, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong, and David Duchovny. The site Franklin Ave was one of the sources that managed to provide the most in depth coverage about the panel.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson made a special appearance at a Paley Center event in New York, In October. Several videos of the duo panel have circulated, here's one, use the following password to view: XF2013

This year a great deal of attention was given by fans to the new X-Files comic book series by IDW, helmed by Joe Harris and executive produced by Chris Carter. The site Eat The Corn has extensively covered each issue to date.

Joe Harris had also appeared at Comic Con in San Diego, but at a different venue from the X-Files panel. The next wave of comics looks to be promising.

As more developments come in with this busy year, we will report about them. Thank you for visiting the Lexicon.

2012 New Years Eve appreciation roll call

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Last year, we were incredibly remiss in posting our traditional New Years Eve thank you's and we didn't want to miss it again.

We had another round of challenges this year, and my personal time on the site was strained with limited time, but we also had some new faces, and new supporters that have been of great help.

Starting with XScribe and Jill who have remained consistent and steady with their support and assistance, it hasn't been easy at times. Out thanks extends to all of the other great people, as follows...

Several of the key new faces must be acknowledged. Frank Zero and Trevor Tocco, both of whom submitted several great reviews to the site, in the case of Frank Zero, he has agreed to come on board as a co-manager for the Lexicon! It's a gradual process, but you can expect to see him on a regular basis as 2013 progresses.

Every year, there are always several sites who always surface where it's members become great friends and supporters, where I've been involved with them for a long spell, members of Christopher Knowles Secret Sun Blog have paid attention, or gotten involved with the site or the blog. Special thanks must go to Raj Sisodia, Liz Durkin and Sean Gatchell for their help and attention.

We still have friends at the TIWWA / Millennium fan site who have been of great help. I must thank Erin McRaven for going above and beyond the call and delivering a great episode guide review for the site, in spite of some overwhelming personal challenges she has handled with grace under pressure.

Special thanks must go to our old ally David Morris for contributing some great work, I am all too aware that many fans drift away, and life pulls them in different directions - it's to be expected - so I do appreciate that after six years David is still involved.

Last year, we were remiss in acknowledging the great support from the team of The X-Files Truth podcast, Agent Shadow, Agent Chelsea, and Agent Summer in allowing me to participate with their podcast interview of William B. Davis, it was great prep for our own interview.

Sarah Blinco had been tirelessly working behind the scenes to promote the Lexicon and get more writers to pay attention to the site. The Italian team behind The X-Files Bluebook on-line magazine were great with working with Sarah and delivering a great write about the site and its history.

I must thank Explodey from the Explodeyfiles podcast for inviting me to be involved, it just hasn't happened yet.

I must personally thank Jana Fain for her support and friendship.

A thank you must go towards Alison Groves from the Big Light Social Network for her continued friendship and support.

Again, in spite of Gabe Rotter's incredible work as Director of Development at Ten-Thirteen Productions, I also continue to appreciate his support through the years.

We continue to have a great friend with Maurisa from The X-Files Universe, and I must thank her for her enthusiasm for The Syndicate.

Joe McBrayer has remained a steady friend for the Lexicon, and has continued to deliver some great work as well as enthusiasm, thank you.

Once again, thanks must go to a pair of people who have been helpful to the site's history, Mark Hayden, who remains sorely missed, and Kimon from Eat The Corn, for his support and friendship.

I also must thank Raskolnikov for her continued support.

Lastly I must thank Chris Knowles, for his continued support and friendship and a continued influence due to his incredible work at The Secret Sun blog.

There remains a list of many others presently, and in the past, involved with the site that I thank, to all of the people who have joined the Lexicon forum, or our Facebook group page, or Twitter feed, Thank you. All of your have helped the site to grow and it's appreciated.

My apologies for the brevity of this list, the past two years have been personally trying and it has been a challenge to not fall short of people's expectations and patience, but we are still here.

Thank you!


Hunted, a show by X-Files' Frank Spotnitz, and the team responsible for the MI5 show, is in it's second season at the BBC. The show is about privately contracted spies, in a world with no one to trust. The lead character,Sam Hunter was taken out by the very people she works for, the Byzantium organization. She then comes back from the dead, so to speak, and tries to track down her killer's while posing as a civilian nanny. This will either result in her exacting certain revenge or maybe,...just her day job back. She doesn't even know if she can begin to trust the man she loves. All of this while she tries to sort out why they wanted her dead in the first place and what this has to do with mysterious events from her childhood. 

The After: What Happens When the Future is Now 

Chris Carter is making a return to television, writing a new show called the After about a future gone all wrong. Characters will be surviving after an unexplained apocalyptic event, coming closer and closer to understanding what's really going on. "Chris has woven his mythology magic within a very human, grounded story about the moment when we realize all of our worst fears about the world and its future," said Georgeville CEO Marc Rosen, who co-founded the company earlier this year with Leon Clarance of Motion Picture Capital, the financing arm of Reliance Entertainment."-Deadline Hollywood article

Jeff Charbonneau interview, ep guide review, dossiers

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Matt here: There's been another minor gap in posting, we have been very proud and pleased with our interview with Jeff Charbonneau, the music editor for The X-Files, and the right hand man for Mark Snow. Jeff's photography is recommended as well.

Our new contributor, Trevor Tocco, submitted his great episode guide review for Red Museum, and we have more character descriptions in the dossiers.

Thank you for visiting the Lexicon, more material is coming!